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Most contain some bdsm, usually femdom, and some added kink such as cum eating or watersports just for variety.

**What they do NOT contain is: Preteens or Kids, Incest, Nonconsensual sex (rape, torture, snuff), or scat (just too messy for me). A couple receives an invitation from someone they've met online to vistit the Chateau.

If my favourite lycra clad superhero is reading this, the ball gag we talked about has arrived thanks to ebay. This is like shining a bat signal into the night sky only he won’t meting out vigilante justice so much as he’ll be tied securely to my bed, throat fucked and then gagged, nipple clamped and brought to orgasm via my hitachi magic wand vibrator. Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples.

Alexis chose to attend a university in the Rocky Mountain States to experience Western culture (as in cowboy!(M F, MM, M F , bd, ws, tg, bi) A couple's first visit to the "Disneyland of swing clubs"--a true story (mine).(Part 1: M F , M F)(Part 2: M F , MM, bi) The prudish faculty of a university in Athens are seduced into appeasing the Goddess in an orgiastic pagan ritual.(M /f, M /F , reluct, lite bd, drug) (Now also available in a BI VERSION). --somethings wrong with my site and many of the links are not working...(I get file:///c:/My Documents/New as the link).Dont understand the problem..anyone has any ideas, please email me. Adult Bookstore Fun**-- He finally decides to go for it at the bookstore and isnt disappointed. Adult Bookstore Fun**-- African Nightmare** ----Five couples are abducted by a troop of rebel soldiers who fuck the women constantly.

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