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Raised by his father, Ohno began training full-time in 1996.He has been the face of short track in the United States since winning his medals at the 2002 Winter Olympics. For an inside look at the future of the sport, Men's Fitness: How long have you been competing in obstacle course racing? On average, I train twice a day and six days a week. I run twice a week which adds up to less than 10 miles a week.

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Spradlin trained for a little while alongside his friend, Adam Ghazee, under a wrestler by the name of Bo Dacious.

After graduating from Northmont High School in Clayton, Ohio, Spradlin decided to train as a professional wrestler in the summer of 1998.

After undergoing some initial training in Middletown, Ohio, Spradlin debuted on September 12, 1998 in Xenia, Ohio wrestling Shawn "Heart Throb" Halsey in the Unified Championship Wrestling promotion.

His father used Inline Speedskating to fill his spare time.

Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash—you know these mud runs for the headbands, fire pits, and beer, but obstacle course racing (OCR) is a rapidly growing sport which now even has its own U. Hunter Mc Intyre: I ran my first one in 2012 but I didn’t really start do anything serious until the summer of 2012. Racing in the World Championships, which aired on NBC, was something I was really proud of. One will be a sprint interval and the other will be a long distance endurance-building run.

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